Liquid’s title sequence and The Farm’s post-production for Open Mike’s six-part comedy series

Client Open Mike Productions

Post Liquid (titles), The Farm Group (full post-production)

Brief Compelte the titles (Liquid) and full post-production (The Farm Group) for this six-part comedy series, featuring Jack Dee and Kerry Godliman.

The title Sequence

How it was done The starting point was the Cliff Richard song In The Country. Liquid said: “It was intentionally cheesy and ironic, so the visuals needed to be cool and contemporary to point up the irony.” Liquid created a stylised stop-motion scene, with the environment rolling past Dee and Godliman after they walk out of the city into an idyllic country setting. The scene ‘soon turns sour as the reality of country life rains down on them and they arrive at their ramshackle home’. The actors were filmed walking on treadmills in front of a green screen. This was then composited into the scene, created using animated stills photography, in After Effects. The whole thing was then given the stop-motion treatment by removing frames.

The full post-production

How it was done Colourist Nuala Sheridan graded the series using Digital Vision’s Nucoda, enhancing natural countryside surroundings to complement the idyllic setting. It was shot on the Arri Amira, and, working with DoP Martin Hawkins, Sheridan used a Rec709 LUT base to build the overall images, using printer lights and shaped layers to create depth and focus within scenes. Using the compositing capabilities within Nucoda, Sheridan replaced skies in shots, when required. Stef Henley completed the online using Avid Symphony as well as contributed VFX work including green screen composites and rotoscoping. Nick Fry mixed the stereo audio for the series using ProTools 12. It was post-produced by Chris Evans.

Watch it Wednesdays, 8pm, ITV