Rapid Pictures’ full post-production on Comedy Central UK clip show

Client Elephant House Studios

Post Rapid Pictures

Brief Full post-production on a 20 x 30-minute Comedy Central UK clip show, including managing the archive clips to get the best quality.

How it was done Most Ridiculous is made up of user-generated content, showcasing an assortment of daft clips. Rapid Pictures handled a variety of frame rates shot on all kinds of cameras, working to achieve a consistent look throughout the series. Colourist Matt Eversfield balanced the varying quality of source archive to make it all look vibrant and bright. It was graded on Avid Symphony. Boris CC Flicker Fixer plug-in was used to reduce the impact of exposure changes. Audio post work by Luke Hodsdon smoothed out any sound issues, using EQ or Izotope RX 6 for noise reduction. Slo-mo replays were given exaggerated sound effects.

Watch it Now on Comedy Central UK