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  • The Broadcast Interview

    Guy Slattery, Vice


    Viceland’s UK ratings may not be giving its rivals sleepless nights, but general manager Guy Slattery says that bringing a new angle to broadcasting will reap rewards

  • Behind The Scenes

    SAS: Who Dares Wins, Channel 4


    We were warned that shooting in the jungle would be brutal, but with 40°C heat and 95% humidity, the reality was even worse, says Sophie Leonard

  • EDEN-GROUP-midres
    Behind The Scenes

    Eden, C4


    If our participants were to succeed in building a new society, we had to let them make all the decisions – even if it meant we had no idea where to set up our rig, says series editor Liz Foley

  • twiggy

    Born On The Same Day, C4


    Tracing the lives of celebrities and ordinary people born on the same day brings a fresh approach to the biography format, says Laura Mansfield

  • Celia-Taylor
    The Broadcast Interview

    Celia Taylor, Sky


    Sky’s non-scripted boss talks to Peter White about flying dogs, why ‘funny factual’ is harder than it looks - and why she couldn’t turn down Renegade’s Don’t Tell The Bride

  • Insta Traveller

    Hot Picks: Insta Traveller


    Broadcasters around the world are searching for ways to appeal to younger viewers. Norway’s NRK3 thinks it may have found the answer in the form of a travelogue with a twist.

  • Features

    Hot Picks: Robot Wars


    Mentorn Scotland has rebooted its classic entertainment format Robot Wars for BBC2, 13 years after it last aired.

  • Bear Grylls’ Survival School

    Hot Picks: Bear Grylls’ Survival School


    Extreme-survival expert Bear Grylls is hoping to reach a whole new demographic with this CITV-commissioned adventure show, in which 10 children learn to fend for themselves in the Welsh wilderness.

  • Radio Gaga

    Hot Picks: Radio Gaga


    If Alan Partridge hosted Catfish, it might look something like Radio Gaga. In this Belgian format, two radio hosts travel the country with their mobile radio station, stopping in various small communities and setting up camp for 48 hours.

  • Splash and Bubbles

    Hot Picks: Splash and Bubbles


    This marine biology show for four to seven year-olds is the result of a partnership between ImaginOcean creator John Tartaglia, The Jim Henson Company and US theme park operator Herschend Enterprises.

  • Football Nightmares

    Hot Picks: Football Nightmares


    Fremantle Media’s new reality format Football Nightmares challenges two of Italy’s best-known former players to resurrect the fortunes of failing amateur clubs.

  • guy-martin-wall-of-death-5
    Behind The Scenes

    Guy Martin's Wall Of Death: Live, C4


    Guy’s death-defying attempt at breaking a world record live on air had to be put on hold when our fearless star almost killed himself in a motorbike accident, says Ewan Keil

  • The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds

    Best popular factual programme: The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds


    Three years in the making, RDF Television’s format was partly inspired by Mischel’s famous marshmallow test, which found that identifying four-year-olds who were able to delay their gratification was a better indicator of future success than any IQ test.

  • First-Dates-2
    Behind The Scenes

    First Dates, C4


    Feeling the series was lacking something, we brought in our own staff to give the restaurant an identity - and provide some familiar faces to keep viewers coming back, says Nicola Lloyd

  • the-garden credit Peter Searle
    The Broadcast Interview

    Nick Curwin and Magnus Temple, The Garden


    The fixed-rig pioneers talk to Chris Curtis about implementing a growth strategy while holding on to their core creative principles, life under ITV, and taking a ‘box-set approach’ to factual

  • money-pit-2
    Behind The Scenes

    The Money Pit, Dave


    A live crowd-funding format turned out to be a legal minefield, but we found a way to make it work - and stay out of jail, says series producer Pat Doyle

  • monkey
    The Broadcast Interview

    Will Macdonald & David Granger, Monkey


    Made In Chelsea indie bosses David Granger and Will Macdonald tell Peter White they have US primetime in their sights and are on the hunt for the next Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush.

  • ricochet-2
    The Broadcast Interview



    It’s been a busy time for Ricochet since Jo Ball became chief exec last year, with Katy Thorogood joining Simon Knight to help expand the indie’s slate. Hannah Gannagé-Stewart meets the trio

  • channel-patrol-6
    Behind The Scenes

    Channel Patrol, BBC1


    Drones and GoPros helped us capture the busy English channel on a daytime budget, says series producer Rebecca Nunn

  • Richard McKerrow, Love Productions
    The Broadcast Interview

    Richard McKerrow, Love Productions


    Creative director of the Benefits Street indie Richard McKerrow tells Chris Curtis why it is not afraid to tackle controversial subjects