Playboy TV has been fined £110,000 by Ofcom for broadcasting a series of adverts for adult sex chat services featuring “unsuitable” footage of women mimicking sexual intercourse.

The pay-TV channel and its subsidiary Just4Us run services Red Light 1, 2 and 3, which carry the sex chat adverts after 9pm inviting viewers to call female “presenters” on premium rate phone numbers.

As many as 10 adverts, not protected by a restricted access paywall, broke broadcasting rules because they could have caused “widespread offence” and there scheduling “might harm or distress children”.

The adverts in question aired earlier this year and contained what Ofcom described as the female “presenters” adopting “sexually provocative positions, sometimes for prolonged periods”.

The media regulator said the “series and repeated” nature of the breaches warranted a fine of £60,000 for Playboy TV and £50,000 for Just4Us.