Job satisfaction high among commissioners

Despite having to negotiate a slowdown and strained indie relationships, a resounding 93% of commissioners say they are happy in their role

Big Zuu

Big Zuu: Hitting the big time

The grime star and TV chef is bringing fresh flavour to the food-travel genre with 12 Dishes In 12 Hours for ITV1


Analysis: The fractured relationship between indies and C4

Suppliers have criticised the broadcaster for its handling of the commissioning slowdown and what they see as poor communication

  • David Holmes: The Boy Who Lived - how closeness gave the film breath

  • Connections, Curiosity Stream

  • Mixmups, Channel 5


Broadcast magazine - November 2023

Behind the scenes on the Bond-style gameshow; Esther Rantzen on making a difference; What makes a risky show worth it